Adventures of an IQ Installer

So we had 74 join us today for a chat with Helen Baczynski to hear all about her history with working with IS & IQ and Zoltan Kasa and got to hear some great stories and information on the Intelliquilter journey. The replay is up now for all to watch again or if you missed it. It is available for free for 12hrs from going live or if you have a paid ticket – anytime it suits you! Loved all the photos that Helen provided! Thank you so much for graciously agreeing to be in the spotlight.

Helen Baczynski
How far Helen travelled to install Intelliquilter systems.

Next up will be Tonia Brooks again on 23rd August here in Australia (22nd August in the USA) with Intelliquilter Toolbox – Background fill using Line Pattern.

The IQ Summit is the place to be – a great community and lots of learning happening! Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for lots of chat about any classes.

chat again soon…

Where it all started

My love of quilting started very young when I was only 13 at High School. A Textile class where my teacher started us quilting making first a quilted oven mit then the journey of English Paper Piecing hexagons. My dad created two templates from metal for me to trace both my fabric shapes and card templates and I used my Grandmother’s huge stash of dressmaking fabrics to cut all my hexagons from.

All fabrics from the 80’s made from dressmaking scraps

This has never been finished, though worked on a couple of times over the years.

The next attempt at quilting was in 1991 when I signed up at a local TAFE college for 2 terms to learn all the basics of quilting. I made my first Queen sized sampler quilt over 8 months of non-stop stitching by hand. I was hooked!

I learned:

  • How to Draft my own patterns
  • Paper templates
  • English paper piecing by hand
  • American hand piecing
  • Hand applique – needleturn, freezer paper applique, fusible applique, reverse applique and more
  • Transfer quilting designs
  • Hand quilting with a hoop
Sampler quilt

This hobby is now a very solid one with much, much more to come that I had never dreamed possible!

Stay tuned for more…