Next session for IQ summit on 23 May 2021

It sure has been a busy time here in the studio! I’m very pleased to be home again after my trip to Western Australia visiting some of the most wonderful customers – all with Intelliquilter systems on their longarm machines. 

It was an early start for me to help Tonia with her last live session on Creating Pantos from Block designs but I managed to get there! Did you enjoy learning how to do this and have you created some of your own from existing block patterns on your IQ? 

Let us know by posting in the IQ Summit Facebook Group so you can keep inspiring other owners. 

So next up is a reminder of our next class with me this time.  

Exploring Computer Art Patterns Catalog
This is truly an exciting catalog to use to create so many designs! Have you tried it and come up with your own variations? Join Tracey in exploring how to use this catalog of patterns. From simple to more complex. You will be amazed at what you can create on your own! 
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Would you like to have more information at your fingertips to help you with your Longarm Business? Then head on over to check out the Resources I’ve prepared for you.The latest one is a Longarm troubleshooting checklist that everyone should print and use when having machine issues!
We discuss many relevant topics in our monthly live Q & A sessions where we all learn something new and useful each time. From these, courses and articles are created, to build out our library of resources for members to find and utilise when needed. 

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Alternating Feather Designs

What a blast we had this morning with Tonia and her amazing design ideas…

Alternating Feathers from simple to a masterclass!

Plus a fantastic generous giveaway diamond e2e design included as well. Thank you Tonia Brooks

Diamond E2E

The replay is now up on IQ Summit with the free pattern available to download from the offer section on the right side of the page underneath the video replay.

So many tips when using path pattern to create endless designs!

Did you make it LIVE???
Drop in your design images in this post to inspire others to create their own as well.
Remember to download Tonia’s feather fabrication patterns from website to have on your own system to use to make alternating feathers.

Also you can checkout Tonia’s ‘sweetheart’ designs on Intelligent Quilting to see more uses of this technique.

All paid ticket holders can watch the replay at any time and download the gift from Tonia. Free ticket holders can access this page LIVE and for 12hrs after starting the LIVE session – so get in quick to both watch and accept Tonia’s free gift.

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In 2017,  a dream was born to create a place to be able to support more machine quilters using 23 years of experience mentoring, educating and supporting customers. It took another 2 years to learn the technology and to get the courage to put myself out there to build this dream!
The first step was to find the right platform and focus to see it this would work – the IQ Summit was created specifically to educate and support Intelliquilter owners in increasing their knowledge and confidence in using their systems. Our first live webinar was held in January 2020 and has grown amazingly fast with great members participating LIVE plus using the replays to hone their skills. There is a large amount of content in this now and still grows monthly with new topics.
This was always the first part of the ‘dream’ and as such a subsidiary of Machine Quilting Academy.
The next step was to build the Academy to encompass ALL machine quilters’ needs and desires. Providing support on using any brand and size of machine plus learning new skills, tips and tricks, understanding tools as well as business advice and marketing.

We are working on reformatting the LIVE sessions in the IQ Summit, into smaller lessons inside a course for each topic. These are available to Gold Members in the Academy inside the membership area OR are available for individual purchase.

Many are already done for you to access.

Happy designing and quilting!


IQ Design class – Alternating Feathers

We have Tonia being creative once again showing us yet another way to design amazing patterns on our Intelliquilter systems,

Take an individual feather and create new designs and edge to edge with no backtracking.

Join us LIVE on IQ Summit on 14th March at 9am ACST. The time in your location will be shown on the website on our own device. Free passes can attend LIVE and for 12 hours of replay. Paid passes can watch the replays at your leisure!

Tonia is busy preparing notes for this class as well as possibly some extra surprises!

We both look forward to chatting and sharing some more inspiration when using the ultimate computer quilting system. Tonia has prepared 3 tutorials from beginner to more advanced – something for everyone!

See you on Sunday!

Tracey Browning

Machine Quilting Terms

Unless you have been a machine quilter for awhile, some of these terms can be confusing when hearing them for the first time! Educate yourself and your customers so we can all be on the same page.

edge-to-edge – also known as pantograph, all over quilting, continuous line quilting. This is when a specific design is repeatedly quilted in rows across a quilt. Edge-to-edge is quilted over the entire quilt without a separate border or block design.

freehand quilting – also known as free motion quilting. The quilter guides the machine by hand. The quilting design is a result of the quilters skill, rather than a computerised quilting design.

computerised quilting – a computer is used to guide the quilting machine to stitch out a design. Computerised quilting can be used for edge-to-edge designs as well as custom quilting.

stitch regulator – most longarm quilting machines have stitch regulators to maintain even stitch length during quilting.

basting – when a quilt sandwich is held together with large, easily removed stitches or pins. Some quilters offer a basting service for hand quilters

longarm quilting machine – a sewing machine, usually greater than 15 inches of throat space that is mounted on a machine quilting frame

rollers – the quilt backing is attached to the rollers on a longarm machine quilting table so that the quilt may be rolled up and kept in position for quilting

custom quilting – quilt blocks are individually quilted as well as the border has a separate quilting design. Custom quilting can include, but is not limited to stitch in the ditch, cross hatching, outlining of applique and /or background fill.

tension – the relationship of balance between the top quilting thread and the bobbin thread. The two threads should overlap within the middle layer of the quilt when the tension is balanced

Happy quilting

Tracey Browning

How to start a business

Starting your own business is a big decision and undertaking. You will need to research your market and educate yourself on all the legal requirements that you will need to adhere to. The following are just a few pointers on where to start your research and find the information that you may require.

This site will give you nearly all the information for Australia (plus lots you might not want to hear):

You will need to educate yourself on the following requirements:

Registering your business name (if you choose to have a different name to your own)* Registering for an ABN to enable you to legally purchase wholesale *Registering for GST. Please ask for advice from your accountant to fully understand the requirements of GST and tax returns etc

• Checking with your local council regarding running a business from your chosen location.

• Business Insurance – public liability insurance. (your homeowners policy will NOT cover you if you are running a business from home)

Once you have achieved all this however, you will be ready to fly high and run your own business to suit YOUR personal time constraints and those of your family. Running a business from home is hard work but can be extremely rewarding.

• Just imagine being able to be home with your children, husband, parents etc for whenever they need you.

• Being able to go to work in your jammies if you choose to do so.

• Set your own working hours that suit YOU rather than an employer.

This is a simple work order that you can develop your own from. You are welcome to download this pdf and use the parts that suit you and your business to create your own work order for use in your business.

Simple work order


Now that you have commenced your own machine quilting business, you need to let the world know that you are open for business. You have probably been practicing madly to ensure that your quilting skills are sufficient to ‘put your work out there’ to encourage positive word of mouth advertising. This truly is the BEST form of advertising that you can have……

The following are some further suggestions – in no particular order – that you can do to promote yourself and your business:

  • Advertise in your local guild newsletter
  • Advertise in your local school newsletters
  • Approach your local quilt shop to offer to quilt a sample in exchange for them displaying your card/brochure and your name on the sample on display
  • Advertise in appropriate National Magazines
  • Setup your own Business Facebook Page, which is free, that customers might find you or you can direct them to it.
  • Setup your own website to show the type and quality of work that you are doing, with information for potential customers to work out pricing and contact details. Only needs to be a 5-7 page static site that gets updated with quilting photos as you grow!
  • Setup your own Instagram business account & share all your amazing photos of quilts & quilting

Happy quilting in business!

Tracey Browning