Next session for IQ summit on 23 May 2021

It sure has been a busy time here in the studio! I’m very pleased to be home again after my trip to Western Australia visiting some of the most wonderful customers – all with Intelliquilter systems on their longarm machines. 

It was an early start for me to help Tonia with her last live session on Creating Pantos from Block designs but I managed to get there! Did you enjoy learning how to do this and have you created some of your own from existing block patterns on your IQ? 

Let us know by posting in the IQ Summit Facebook Group so you can keep inspiring other owners. 

So next up is a reminder of our next class with me this time.  

Exploring Computer Art Patterns Catalog
This is truly an exciting catalog to use to create so many designs! Have you tried it and come up with your own variations? Join Tracey in exploring how to use this catalog of patterns. From simple to more complex. You will be amazed at what you can create on your own! 
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Please note that you can ALWAYS watch for FREE – the live session. You just need to show up…just like when you purchase a class at a show and you don’t get a replay or do over later.
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