What a blast we had this morning with Tonia and her amazing design ideas…

Alternating Feathers from simple to a masterclass!

Plus a fantastic generous giveaway diamond e2e design included as well. Thank you Tonia Brooks

Diamond E2E

The replay is now up on IQ Summit with the free pattern available to download from the offer section on the right side of the page underneath the video replay.

So many tips when using path pattern to create endless designs!

Did you make it LIVE???
Drop in your design images in this post to inspire others to create their own as well.
Remember to download Tonia’s feather fabrication patterns from www.intelliquilter.com website to have on your own system to use to make alternating feathers.

Also you can checkout Tonia’s ‘sweetheart’ designs on Intelligent Quilting to see more uses of this technique.

All paid ticket holders can watch the replay at any time and download the gift from Tonia. Free ticket holders can access this page LIVE and for 12hrs after starting the LIVE session – so get in quick to both watch and accept Tonia’s free gift.

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In 2017,  a dream was born to create a place to be able to support more machine quilters using 23 years of experience mentoring, educating and supporting customers. It took another 2 years to learn the technology and to get the courage to put myself out there to build this dream!
The first step was to find the right platform and focus to see it this would work – the IQ Summit was created specifically to educate and support Intelliquilter owners in increasing their knowledge and confidence in using their systems. Our first live webinar was held in January 2020 and has grown amazingly fast with great members participating LIVE plus using the replays to hone their skills. There is a large amount of content in this now and still grows monthly with new topics.
This was always the first part of the ‘dream’ and as such a subsidiary of Machine Quilting Academy.
The next step was to build the Academy to encompass ALL machine quilters’ needs and desires. Providing support on using any brand and size of machine plus learning new skills, tips and tricks, understanding tools as well as business advice and marketing.

We are working on reformatting the LIVE sessions in the IQ Summit, into smaller lessons inside a course for each topic. These are available to Gold Members in the Academy inside the membership area OR are available for individual purchase.

Many are already done for you to access.

Happy designing and quilting!


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