Hollyday Quilt

We’ve just finished today’s IQ Summit webinar learning how to create lots of Christmas Designs purely using Line Pattern feature on our IQ’s.

Thanks to Tonia for all her hard work and also free design plus discounted Xmas pattern set available now on the IQ Summit page. The replay is available on https://iq-machine-quilting-academy.heysummit.com/talks/iq-design-creating-a-holiday-design/

I encourage you all to start playing with all the elements in your geometrics folder as a line pattern and see how they behave. If you truly look at any/all quilting designs they are made up of very simple elements:-

  • Arc
  • S Curve
  • Line
  • Loop
  • Hook
5 shapes of quilting

So start by finding design inspiration from nature like this was – Holly plants


Then look at magazine pictures, china patterns, designs on tote bags, lines in the sand, tiles on floors, architexture, iron lacework. Doodle in notebooks, on scrap paper, on your Ipad or tablet etc

Save them in Evernote for future design ideas even.

This class is available for all subscribed members on IQ Summit and will be released inside the Academy as an individual course for purchase once it is formatted for this platform. Gold members will have it included inside their membership portal.

Free ticket holders on IQ Summit can watch the replay up to 12 hours from when it went live at 9am ACDT (Australian Central Daylight Time) on Sunday 29th November 2020.

Thanks for joining us!


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