November IQ Summit!

Join us once again for the following sessions this month!

Time sure flies and it is already 10 days into November! The world is still crazy, but we can turn off the crazy and simply enjoy being a machine quilter and hide away safely at home or online. Though online can be pretty crazy right now as well.  

We have lots planned into next year, but do not always make them live on the IQ Summit way in advance. The aim (not the promise) is to have 2 webinars each month with a 10 min Tute thrown in somewhere as well.

However December and January, Tonia will be taking a well deserved break ready to come back with already planned sessions in February 2021. I’ll still prepare some content during this time, but take note that this time of year is ‘our’ summer and I’m also at the beach in our caravan taking time out from the farm and quilting for a few weeks, as well in January. 

Today is an extreme fire danger day here in my area. All farmers are on standby for fires and a total harvesting ban due to high winds and high temperatures. I’m hoping all stays quiet and we can get back to harvesting our crops again soon. 

So onto what is planned for the next week! 

First up is a 10 min Tute – Clipping Block for the last row(s) of a panto. 

If you have a slightly wonky quilt top and not a lot of backing fabric then use a ‘clipping block’ to ONLY stitch exactly where you need to. 

This is being made available on Thursday 12th November at 9am ACDT 

This quick lesson is available to Paid subscribers only – not for Free Pass holders. To work out what time in your own time zone use this link.
Then next weekend is a LIVE webinar where everyone can join in whilst I show you how I solved a problem and saved some $$ for my daughter. 

Intelliquilter Design – Not just for Quilts!

Tracey will show you how she created an insert into the revealing neckline of a dress to allow her daughter to stay comfortable.

Using many tools on the Intelliquilter: Pattern editing – distort, rotate & more. No sew zones Clipping blocks Split, combine, echo, repeat.  

This will be held live on Sunday 15th November at 9am ACDT 

Everyone is welcome to join live for FREE to participate in this webinar to see other ways and reasons to create with your Intelliquilter. 

To work out what time in your own time zone use this link.
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 Please note that you can ALWAYS watch for FREE – the live session. You just need to show up…just like when you purchase a class at a show and you don’t get a replay or do over later. 

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