with Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy

Angela Huffman

Well we have had so much fun talking with Angela Huffman this morning on IQ Summit! A total of 84 people joined us live to get to know Angela & be astonished with all that she achieves and has achieved.

Still not sure if she has a magic wand that creates more time?

But there were some valuable tips in managing your time to maximise using your Intelliquilter.

From using ASANA & Evernote, creating panto quilt maps, ensuring you delegate tasks that can be done by others & not micro manage everything yourself. Allowing yourself to play, learn and get things finished by not overthinking and being a perfectionist.

Then having the right tools to be more efficient like Angela’s APQS Spot on Laser light bracket that is on her website.

I loved hearing about your rental business & now we need to find the answers to the big question on copyright on patterns to renters as well.

One thing we talked about was how to mount your laser light so that the light focused on your quilt inside your hopping foot where the needle enters to ensure accuracy when placing patterns/blocks. I invite you to post in the comments – photos of how you have done this on your machines if you don’t have one built in. Let’s all help each other to more efficient and accurate!

So THANK YOU Angela for making time to prepare and present this snippet into your life and business.

I’ll start with the A1 modification.

Next week we have Tonia’s next class:

All these are held on the IQ Summit page. Use the link in the top navigation bar to go directly there.

Angela has responded with these links for us all to enjoy from our discussion today!

Thanks for joining in today, everyone. I wish we could all be together but, for now, I’m so thankful for the virtual space Tracey created so we could chat! We talked about how much time Panto Maps can save you. Here’s the link to that video showing how to create them. 

And, we talked about how to use Evernote to save time when trying to find the perfect pattern from your pattern library. Here’s the video

And, to save time trying to determine what patterns work well on which blocks, try using block outlines for your auditioning. 

Thank you again Angela, for your generosity in sharing your knowledge!


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