Designs for Challenge Blocks! IQ Summit class

I’m excited to share with you the next live session with Tonia Brooks! Tonia has chosen to present this fully live so come along for some laughs, inspiration and possibly learning new tools to you. Join us on Sunday 27th Sept at 9am ACST (Saturday evening in the USA) you can check your local time by visiting the IQ Summit site & finding this next session and it will show in your time zone for you.
IQ Design – designs for Challenge Blocks
Tonia has accepted some blocks that resulted from a previous class – Making Blocks – to then create some pattern designs in them. Watch how her mind works!   
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Recently you may have been hearing about another offer that I have sent to a select group and been confused with the information. This is what has been promoted: 

Can I share something a little personal with you?

I LOVE helping you, as a machine quilter. You have possibly already experienced this with me already, being involved with face to face events I have provided in the past! And, I know that the best way to help you, as a machine quilter, is on an ongoing basis, month after month. 

I’m so excited to be launching the Machine Quilting Academy Gold Member group soon! In fact we’ll be launching on 1st November – so not long to go now.
The membership is going to include everything you need to to create beautiful results and grow your business including:

How to solve your frustrations when you need to find answers to your machine quilting questions.
Resources to help your business grow
Encouragement and validation from your peers

Now, I don’t want to give everything away just yet, but if you’re interested in getting an early look at what I’ve created, then you might be interested in becoming one of our founding members. That’s right, I’m looking for some people who would be interested in getting into the membership early in return for helping me with some final testing before the big launch.

This is a limited opportunity only open to 30th September. There is a cost involved as this is actually the final membership product that you’re getting access to, but it’s heavily discounted (yep, even better than the launch price!) and you’ll keep that special price for as long as you remain a member too. The Lifetime deal pricing is ONLY until 30th September, thereafter it will be a monthly or annual price.

If that sounds interesting and you’d like to find out more please visit Machine Quilting Academy here

Looking forward to hearing from you! I am thankful for your support, and I can’t wait to have you as a founding member in this journey with me!


Question mostly being asked is:
I’m a little confused, so the lifetime membership I previously purchased is going, away and you have a new platform?

TO CLARIFY your concerns: 
If you purchased the All Access Earlybird pass or have a subscription to the IQ Summit (run under the Machine Quilting Academy umbrella) then it is continuing the same, but is only for Intelliquilter specific classes & discussions.
This new broader Academy will have a lot more included to suit anyone with their machine quilting on any machine. I will add that some of the IQ Summit classes have been reworked into smaller lessons in a course and you can now purchase them individually to keep forever in this new platform OR be a full member and have everything whilst you stay a member.
It will include topics on the business of quilting, freehand skills, mindset of running a business, dealing with customers, troubleshooting your machine, your physical and mental health and finding your own success story and more… 

If ALL you need is Intelliquilter training, then the IQ Summit will remain the same with content added multiple times each month at a similar schedule to what we have achieved since January 2020. No need to invest further in your education by adding this extra support.

Hope this makes it clearer for you. Don’t hesitate to ask any more questions as they arise.

Chat on Sunday – and be prepared to learn more on the amazing Ultimate tool – our Intelliquilter system.