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I’m writing to clarify some things with the IQ summit. First, can you check your emails for the one I sent last week explaining the pricing that came into effect after yesterday’s live class. It has been stated since this started 6 months ago, that the Earlybird pass was only for the first 10 sessions and now with valuable content available plus ongoing sessions it is now on a choice of subscription style passes. Please note that these will not automatically renew on expiry.

I did, however, state that the Free pass will now be valid to watch LIVE and for 12hrs of replays in the newsletter, then made a mistake in the settings & had changed it to 6hrs of replays.
To correct that error I have now changed it to 48hrs from the Live – giving you now another 20 1/2 hrs to watch it. I have re-synced all your Free passes previously purchased so that you can do this. After this time it will revert to the previously stated Live & 12hrs of replays.

When you are having difficulty please first try the link in an official email & then if it doesn’t work go direct to the website & check you are logged in using the email address you registered with. Look for the 3 dots on top right of page to check this. You can also check exactly what you have purchased under this drop down when logged in as an attendee.

Lastly, an email reminder went out for the first 10 min tutorial that has been made available. These are only available to paid passes – not the Free Pass.

Hope this clears things up.

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Tracey, I’m totally confused. I signed yo in the beginning, so I thought I would get the first 10 lessons st first airing and FOREVER reruns. Handouts from Tonia, extra expense but helpful in following all ther information in her sessions.
Sooo, now that 10 are completed. I’m thinking I WANT MORE CLASSES. will you be selling classes in blocks like the first 10 or just individually & the reruns viewable for at least a year?????
There is so much information in each class that I’ve not had the time to go back through the classes taught so far. (Can’t believe I actually got so distracted, that I missed yesterday’s class by almost 5 hours!!!).
I just need to know when to pay you for continuing to teach GREAT material… especially for beginners. Im reallllllly struggling to understand even the simplest “beginner” tricks. (No offense to my dealer but he’s no help at all).

Hi Mindy
Do not panic! You have the exclusive All Access Earlybird pass that gives you LIFETIME access to all past & future classes including the exclusive 10 min tutes.
All those with this Earlybird pass are now FOUNDING MEMBERS of the IQ Summit and hopefully will continue to participate and assist in growing the content.
Anyone without this pass can choose any of the subscription passes available.

This information was sent in an email/newsletter on the 20th May 2020.

Moving forward there will be a choice of tickets available for those that didn’t purchase the ‘Founding Member’ All Access Earlybird Pass to continue watching and participating. Hopefully this gives you affordable options to suit your schedule and finances. Ongoing income will go directly to my monthly costs of keeping this platform running and paying out affiliate fees to those that promote and garner new subscribers.

Free pass: Access to watch each session LIVE and for 12hrs of replay. No access to 10min Tutes.

Bronze Pass: USD $69

90 days access to ALL classes available plus Exclusive 10 minute Tutes for members only. (This gives you immediate access to 10 sessions valued at $6.90 per session plus any new sessions presented during your subscription)

Silver Pass: USD $109

180 days access to ALL classes available plus Exclusive 10 minute Tutes for members only.

Gold Pass: USD $179

12 months access to ALL classes available plus Exclusive 10 minute Tutes for members only.

What are 10 Minute Tutes (tutorials)?

Tonia has been busy recording her famous 10 min tutes that she first presented in 2018 in our IQ booth at the Australian Machine Quilting Festival to rave reviews. We had crowds of people (even leaving their classes) determined to be onsite when she ‘performed’ these quick tutorials – focusing on just one feature of the IQ. She has lots more ideas to increase these handy little tutorials and has chosen to make these available for members who subscribe to the IQ SUMMIT.

I thought that is what I understood. I seen the prices. I went back to pay but couldn’t find the prices. Thanks for clearing up my thoughts

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