I would like to introduce you to

Machine Quilting Academy

… the key to your success!

Join with International Award winning quilter, entrepreneur, event creator & manager, retail business owner and longarm expert 
Tracey Browning
who has mentored thousands of machine quilters to be successful in their own business and quilting endeavours.

Over 27 years being in the quilting business, Tracey has experience in so many areas that she is keen to share with you. From her early years as a quilt teacher, quilt designer, pattern designer, magazine and quilting books contributor to then moving into longarm machine quilting for customers, becoming the Australian Dealer for A1 Quilting machines and Intelliquilter computer systems. Her own customers have long applauded her dedication to mentoring and supporting them as they learn and grow.

This new online community will be the depository for everything that Tracey has learned for over 27 years in this business. PLUS with wonderful invited guests joining us to further expand the plethora of quilting skills that are being created all the time.

Who is this for?

Machine quilting enthusiasts
Do you love quilting, but spend too much time looking for answers to your questions?
Running a successful quilting business
We are here because we love to quilt, but we also need to earn a living! We will share many business skills & information to assist you to have a thriving machine quilting business. Learn from Tracey’s and others experiences to avoid pitfalls and disappointments.
Work smarter, not harder to expand your business!
Are you ready to move to the next level?
In this area we will work closely with you to evaluate your skills and direction in the quilting industry. We will find the right niche for you to grow into and assist you by guiding you to success. 

Come inside to find…

  • How to solve your frustrations when you need to find answers to your machine quilting questions.
  • Learn to avoid wasting valuable time searching all over the internet.
  • Join us as we create an all in one community to encourage and learn how to overcome your creative mistakes.

Carla Barrett
International quilting teacher

Tracey Browning’s skill and experience with Intelliquilter (IQ) technical support and professional machine quilting is excellent! Tracey has helped me with questions and infrequent issues I have had with my IQ and longarm set up over the past 10 years. Most recently, I texted Tracey about a new issue, she asked me a couple of questions, asked me for a picture/video, then correctly diagnosed what part I needed. Tracey is simply amazing at what she does!

Carla Barrett – International Quilt Teacher & Longarm quilter.